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DJ TK,(Tracy Krasczyk),  is a children and family entertainer and DJ offering private parties at your home or venue.  She will take over the party so you can relax and enjoy yourself! She will DJ the event, play games, have contests as well as other activities according to the theme you choose.  

Events For ALL Ages!

All ages!

Karaoke, dancing, games, contests, hula hoops, limbo, and more!  DJ booth, lights, and sound. Contact me for more information and pricing!


Best for ages 5 and up, a favorite teen party!

Blacklight dancing games and contests. DJ booth, lights, sound and blacklight body paint and glow toys provided.

*Must be done inside with lights off or outside at night after sun down. Contact me for more information and pricing!


All ages!  Party will be customized to the event with lights, sound, music, games, karaoke, prizes and more! Contact me to discuss details and pricing. 

Parent Child Sing Dance And Play Party

Ages 1 to 3 years old

Rhythm instruments, parachute, ribbon wands, bubbles, dancing and bounce house included! Small sound system included. Contact me for more information and pricing!

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